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The Z28 File
Posted October 16 2008 06:00 AM by CarCraft 
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Z28 Memorabilia 

I've been fortunate enough to meet some interesting and influential automotive icons in my time with Car Craft, Hot Rod, and Chevy High Performance magazines. One of these men was Vince Piggins. He is often considered the father of the ’67 Z/28 because he pushed to have the car built so Chevrolet could homologate a car that could compete in SCCA Trans-Am racing. I was searching through an old file the other day and ran across this faded, Scotch-taped copy of a ’68 Z/28 Camaro sales pamphlet. By itself, this Xerox is not that important except that I remember sitting in Vince Piggins' office in 1980 talking about the origins of my ’67 Z/28 Camaro. He pulled this copy out of his desk and gave it to me. If I had been thinking, I would have had him autograph it, but it never occurred to me to do so until after I had returned home. This means I have no way of proving he gave it to me. It still makes for a good story.


Look at it this way: It didn't occur to him either. Autographs are overrated. I remember at the 2001 Ford Racing Centennial at The Henry Ford & Greenfield Village, the 2003 Ford Motor Company Centennial at the Ford WHO (a/k/a the Glass House)and the 2004 40th Anniversary Mustang Celebration in Nashville that lots of folks stood for hours in huge lines for autographs of various Ford legends and luminaries. Of course all of that time wasted standing in line was time that COULDN'T be spent taking in and photographing the once-in-a-lifetime gatherings of historic muscle and race cars and some of the people who made them famous. All of that wasted opportunity for a handful of stupid autographs.On the other hand, I was photographing the entry parade of Ford GTs at the 2003 Centennial next to then-current MM&FF editor Jim Campisano and I didn't stop to ask him for an autograph. And I studied Henry Ford's 999 racer standing next to Tommy Kendall at the 2001 Ford Racing Centennial and I didn't turn the conversation into an autograph plea. Were those mistakes? Of course not. The event was more important than the "proof" we'd been in the same place at the same time.

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