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Ford Crown Victoria P71
Posted April 8 2009 06:15 PM by jm215900 
Filed under: Editorials

Get a grip.

Burnt rubber pt.2

Chirping the tires during an upshift is cool. Chirping your fan belt under the same circumstances is not. OK, I know my Crown Victoria technically has a serpentine belt that does not drive the fan. Anyway, after I installed the shift kit in my car, I can easily light the tires up on the 1-2 gear change. But lately, that chirp has been accompanied by a squeal from the my serp belt, and it sounds totally lame. We can’t have any of that, especially with Anti-Tour happening this weekend. My car’s e.t.’s won’t set the world on fire at SpeedWorld Drag Strip in Phoenix, but it doesn’t have to sound like a clapped-out pile at the same time. So yesterday afternoon, I stopped at South Bay Ford and bought a new belt tensioner ($80- Ouch!). That should keep the smoke at my tires and off my engine-driven accessories.



Isn't belt squealing louder than the engine roaring while leaving the line cool? You'd be the man if you can get it to squeal the whole 1/4!!Seriously, belt squealing ranks up there with nails on the chalkboard.

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