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Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Mustangs

Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Mustangs
Posted October 30 2012 10:18 AM by jm215900 
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Engine compartment of the next Cobra Jet Mustang


Ford Announces next Cobra Jet will be Turbocharged

Development testing of the next Cobra Jet Mustang

We've just received official word that the next Cobra Jet Mustang will be powered by a twin turbo engine (likely still the 5.0L). Until now, Cobra Jets were available with either naturally aspirated- or supercharged engines. Why the switch? According to the press release, "While superchargers provide instant on-demand power, they can also sap a lot of power, especially at high boost levels. The 2.9-liter blower employed on the 2013 Cobra Jet uses as much as 100 horsepower to drive the supercharger. That’s power no longer available for acceleration."

To combat turbo lag common to the size of turbocharger(s) required to make lots of power, Ford Racing's engineers carefully sized the turbos to deliver as much airflow as they needed as quickly as possible. They also took great strides to reduce inertia and friction within the turbocharger by using titanium alloy turbine wheels and ball bearings between the housings. Also, the wastegates are electronically controlled by the ECM to maintain boost pressures at lower engine speeds.

This is exciting news for both the racing fans and street car enthusiasts. “Ford has embraced turbocharging technology and a lot of our production engineers are working with the technology on a daily basis, so we have a lot of knowledge,” said Rob Deneweth, Cobra Jet powertrain development engineer. “We decided to apply that knowledge to the Mustang Cobra Jet to showcase what our engineers and suppliers know how to do.” Expect to see this technology trickle down to the Mustang you can buy at your local dealership in the not too distant future.

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