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The Fastest Mustang
Posted April 6 2012 01:43 PM by jm215900 
Filed under: Auto News, Ford, Performance Parts

Ken Bjonnes' Mustang as it ran in the Texas Mile

The Fastest Coyote-Powered Mustang

The above statement is true. For now, at least. One of the few things you can count on in motorsports is that records fall quickly as competition grows more intense. Still, Ken Bjonnes, Jon Lund, and Jake Long have the first Coyote-powered Mustang to break the 200 mph barrier in the standing mile. In fact, Bjonnes himself piloted this 2011 Mustang GT to 206.2 mph at last month's Texas Mile event. Less than a month before that, he knocked down a 9.42 second, 150 mph pass at the dragstrip in Bradenten. 

Impressive numbers, for sure, but the real wow factor comes when you realize how little was done to the car to achieve these goals. The car has a full interior, production body panels, and real glass in the windows. Bjonnes, Lund, and Long are able to coax nearly 1,000 hp out of this Coyote with a new twin turbo kit they are developing to go on sale later this year. The engine in this car was rebuilt with 11:1 pistons, Boss 302 heads and custom-ground cams from L&M Engines, and the factory 6-speed automatic is all stock save for a Circle D torque converter. For its record-setting run, boost was set at just 17 psi. For ultimate dragstrip domination, they can crank the boost up to 21 psi.

If the engine rebuild sounds too expensive, know that these guys were able to run low 10's in early testing using this car’s stock engine, transmission, and cat-back exhaust system. That should provide a glimpse into the potential of the kit as well as the enormous potential lurking within the new Coyote engine. As they continue to improve this car, Bjonnes, Lund, and Long are simultaneously developing products for manual transmission cars and Boss 302's. Keep an eye on their progress at their website. Be sure to watch the videos, too!

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